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Buy SellAds: How does actually work?

- Senin, 02 November 2015 No Comments

How does BuySellads actually work?

BuySellads sells the advertizement areas of your website to advertizers of related niche and in order to apply for it, you must know why Buysellads rejects most of the Blogs.

Buy SellAds: How does actually work?
Buy SellAds: How does actually work?

Reasons for Rejection from Buysellads (as mentioned on their site):

  • We are currently focused on the tech / web design / development / freelancer niche. While we do occasionally accept sites outside of this niche, you may be denied if you are not in this niche.
  • Greater than 100K impressions per month (for new sites, if you (or your team) have a history of creating really nice websites we will accept you).
  • Your website must be live, finished, and have fresh content.
  • No porn or anything illegal or containing even remotely “questionable” content.
  • Site must be in English (sorry, we’re just not able to provide support in other languages right now).
  • If you have a ton of untargeted ads on your site already, we’re not going to approve you (you know who you are).
  • If you do not have your own domain (i.e. you have a *.blogspot.com url) we will not approve you.
  • Getting denied does not mean that we will not approve you at a future date.
  • Last, but not least: we’re not trying to be snobby, but we aim to keep the quality of the network high, and if we feel that your site impeedes on the perception of the network we will not approve you.

What are the conditions on which Buysellads is gonna approve your Blog?

  • Your Blog should be having a neat and clean layout.
  • Your Blog shall get updated on a daily basis.
  • Your site should be on following topics:
  1. Twitter
  2. Development
  3. Freelancer
  4. Web Designer
  5. WordPress
  6. Web 2.0
  • Your Blog shall not be created on BlogSpot.
Also note the fact that if your Blog is having so many different ads and they are spread on each and every area of your Blog, chances are that you are not going to get Buysellads approval any time soon.
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Inspiro Blogger Template

- Selasa, 20 Oktober 2015 No Comments
Inspiro is another one in the collection of our Multipurpose Blogger Templates. It has sleek look and minimal design which makes it ideal for blogs of niches Fashion, OOTD, Food & Health blog etc. We have kept the codes simple and also provided a detailed documentation file which will help you in easy installation of this blogger template in your blog.

Inspiro Blogger Template
Inspiro Blogger Template